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Mieke van Zadelhoff, Consultant Human Resources Benteler Engineering Services: "Onder het motto 'afspraak is afspraak' is het prettig samenwerken. De communicatie is doelgericht en plezierig."

Mark Eck, Selectieleider Adviescentrum Waterwinning en Grondstof BrabantWater:
"Ik bewonder de doortastende pragmatische maar toch vriendelijke aanpak."

Robert Soda-Cotic, Manager Director Geze Nederland:
"De goede en heldere procedure heeft als resultaat kwaliteit en het vinden van de juiste kandiaat."

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Eindhoven Business nov. 2014

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The description of the process in general terms:


At first we will consult  the responsible manager and / or other relevant relationships of the future position holder within the organization. This way we get a good insight in amongst others the organization, its goals, the people, the products and the culture. It is very important to be as fully informed as possible to realise expectations of candidates. Besides general information about the organization, we also use  information about the context of the position, but also with regard to the competences of the talent needed.

Faring Talent Search has extensive experience with competence management. We have a competency library that was developed in-house. This tool gives you and the candidate insight into the job-specific competency level of the position. It also helps the organization and management in the ongoing development of competences of the candidate once he or she started at your company. Based on this information, a competence and job profile is prepared. According to this profile potential candidates are informed and selected.


After determining the proper position and competency profile, the target group of candidates who would best fit your vacancy, the region where these candidates can be found and how they can best be approached will be researched. This is also the phase in which social media strategy takes form.

When that bridge has been crossed, we will agree upon the form and intensity of reporting as well as the planning of the procedure.This includes a planning overview of the activities to be undertaken, a timetable and the feedback of our efforts’ results.

Market research

During this step we examine and indicate which sectors and which organisations and companies the desired candidates are working in. We discuss these sectors and companies with you.


To get in touch with the appropriate candidates, we use a wide range of recruitment tools such as network search, direct search, database search and jobboardsearch. In some cases advertising on job boards and / or in print media are necessary. Besides that the social media play an important role in our way of approaching candidates.

Selection interviews and presentation of CV and competences

To avoid delay in the process Faring Talent Search invites all selected candidates for an interview at the Faring Talent Search office as soon as possible.
These candidates are interviewed  both function-oriented and competency-based. You will receive a written report on each candidate.

Selection intervies by customer

We strive to present 3 to 5 qualified candidates to be interviewed by you. If required a Faring consultant will be present at the actual interview. 


After the new employee has started, Faring Talent Search provides a 6-month warranty. During this period we conduct at least two conversations with both the client and the candidate to evaluate and make sure there is progress in the development of the employee.

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